Market Analysis

Companies make strategic decisions when they have to evaluate and determine the market they will operate. The key to being ahead in the struggle for competitive competition and performing better than competitors is to understand the trends and growth areas of the market correctly.

If a successful business development and growth strategy is to be pursued, both the customers and the market need to be thoroughly explored and analysed. Consulting offices help clients identify market entry strategies. In this context, Pharmackt Consulting combines its expertise in the sector and strategy with experience in market analysis and provides consultancy services to companies in market analysis and evaluation.

Professionals in Pharmackt Consulting actively research, analyse and evaluate the target groups of organizations and the needs and expectations of customers. In this way, organizations are helping to successfully design a strategic entry to the market.

Pharmackt provides the following services for a detailed market study and determination of the market entry strategy:

Performing sector analysis (the current state of the industry and what will happen in the future)

What are the market dynamics, size and potential for future growth?

Target market analysis

Competition analysis

Analysis of needs and expectations based on customer groups

The dynamics of the demanding factors in the market and the evaluation of the results

Evaluating the competitive aspect of the market from the point of view of competitors, suppliers and customers

Identification of new business models for market entry

Examination of legal regulations and tax applications in the sector

Analysing market entry alternatives, researching greenfield projects (areas to invest from scratch)

Investigate possibilities of partnership with companies, purchase joint ventures or domestic investors in the market

Making analysis studies on investments and returns

In addition, Pharmackt Consulting provides preliminary analysis of the target market, determination of the market entry strategy, shaping of transaction dynamics and similar consulting services. Focusing on market dynamics, current trends and competitive environment, it also provides detailed preliminary assessments of how attractive the target market is and whether it is suitable for investment.