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Early Access Programs are country-specific regulatory tools that allow a drug to be available on the market before its official launch, providing that it fulfils specific criteria.

Named Patient Programs (NPP) allow sponsors to make their drugs available to patients in countries where they are not yet approved. This can help sponsors See more.

reach new markets, engage with KOLs, and ultimately expand the use of its products.

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Companies make strategic decisions when they have to evaluate and determine the market they will operate. The key to being ahead in the struggle for competitive competition and performing better than competitors is to understand the trends and growth areas of the market correctly.

Management of all aspects of study medication. Identification and selection of the best clinics or Contract Research Organizations (CROs) for the needs of the protocol, clear of any selection bias. Pharmackt will select the best sites with the clinical expertise related to your study.

With our experienced team, we help you achieve greater sales success in this fast- growing but complex pharmaceutical market. Take advantage of the services you need and walk through the steps in the right route in partnership with Pharmackt.