Who We Are

We, as Pharmackt team, provide services in the pharmaceuticals&genetic market of Turkey (specifically oncology, hematology and rare diseases). Our team consists of people who have had professional experience in different global companies on medical&genetic, sales and marketing, and refunding and registration (licensing). We have decided to come under a roof with this knowledge and experience and founded Pharmackt.

Turkey is a huge market in the health business area with a population of 80 million and is very open to innovations in the treatments. We provide tailored solutions for each phase of your product life cycle. Starting with regulatory affairs consultancy to development of product management plans and successful execution. With our experienced team, we help you achieve greater sales success in this fast- growing but complex pharmaceutical market.

Take advantage of the services you need and walk through the steps in the right route in partnership with Pharmackt.

Our motto is to help the patients in need in all challenging diseases.

Yaşam Elif Akkan

Mustafa Ayhan

Business Consultant
& Founder

Mustafa is Business Consultant at Pharmackt. He has a university degree of Business Administration. He has an experience for ten years as a product specialist, project manager and account manager in specific areas (oncology, hematology, rare diseases and genetic testing market of cancer) at different global pharmaceutical companies . He is professional at KOL & Account Management, product launch, added to his capacity in establishing good inter-personal relationships, makes him a globally competent partner in the field of healthcare. Mustafa speaks English and German.

Zafer Gokgöz

Zafer Gokgoz

MD - Medical Advisor

Zafer is an internal medicine and hematology specialist MD. Dr Zafer is graduated from Uludag University Faculty of Medicine in 2003. After 8 years of Internal Medicine and Hematology education,he worked in state hospital for 1.5 years. He is interested in especially hematological cancers and bone marrow transplantation fields. He speaks English and German languages. He is still working as an assistant professor at Yuksek Ihtisas University Faculty of Medicine and Department of Hematology.

Asiye Adirbelli

Asiye Adirbelli

HR and Training Consultant

Asiye completed her bachelor's degree in psychology at the Brussels Capital University and master's degree in clinical psychology. She also received the NLP and Psychoanalysis certificate from Richard Bentler University. Asiye has 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical business (Amgen, Actavis...) with different qualified positions. She is an expert in human resources management, corporate structuring, coaching and performance management, organization of training systems, implementation and evaluation processes, executive coaching, in-house career system planning and implementation.

Asiye Adirbelli

Mehmet Eren BALLI

DIGITAL Consultant

Mehmet is a software developer and a cyber security enthusiast. He completed commercial products for project based contracts to companies. He is currently studying Bachelor's Degree for Computer Engineering in Gazi University. Mehmet mainly focuses on web and mobile development with secure practices. He speaks English. He is experienced in managing small scale network systems.